Horyuji Kokusai High School


Horyuji Kokusai High School is a public senior high school located in Ikoma-gun, Nara. This school was founded on the integration of Katagiri High School and Ikaruga High School in 2005. Horyuji Kokusai High School provides three distinct courses (History and Culture, General English and General Studies), with the focus on international education. In 2010, Horyuji Kokousai high school was designated as a UNESCO school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in Japan.

School Philosophy

Truthfulness: Be a truthful person to learn autonomously with a sense of justice grounded in the ethos of human dignity.

Creativity: Be a creative person and think autonomously with reverence for life.

Spirit: Be a practical person full of spirit with good health, and with enriched thoughts and knowledge
Respect: Be a person devoted to society as a bearer of the next generation and cultivate the spirits of respect


On the basis of the school philosophy, our school provides three specific courses: History and Culture, General English and General Stuides, according to students’ needs for their future career.

Number of Classes and Students

History and Culture
General Studies
 (As of April 1st, 2020)

School Uniform  

*Girls have a choice of skirts or trousers.

School Events

 Entrance Ceremony, Welcome Ceremony, Club Meeting
 Ball Games, Mid-term Exams
 Field Trip
 Final Exams, Summer Study Course
 Excavation Activity (History and Culture)
 Athletic Meeting,

Cultural Festival (called "Shuousai")
Recitation Contest for Junior High School Students Hosted by Horyuji Kokusai High School

 Guest Speakers' Lectures for Human Rights and Career Guidance

Final Exams & Nursery School Visits

School Trip to Kanto area (2nd year students)

 Marathon, Farewell Party for the 3rd year students
 Commencement, Overseas study tour to Australia (every 2 years)

Club Activities

Culture Clubs

Fine Arts,   Calligraphy,   Drama,   Brass Band,  Photography,   Tea Ceremony,   English  History,   Amateur Radio   

Sports Clubs

Baseball,  Kendo,  Track and Field,  Volleyball,   Handball,   Basketball,   Wrestling

(Soft Ball ) Tennis,  Softball,   Japanese Archery,   Soccer,   Sailing,   Badminton

Other Groups  

Dance,  Intercultural Understanding,   Broadcasting,  Human Rights


Horyuji Kokusai High School

2-1-1 Takayasu, Ikaruga-cho

Ikoma-gun, Nara 636-0104 Japan

TEL 1-81-745-74-3630 FAX 1-81-745-75-3286