Principals message    
                                                   Nara Prefectural Unebi High School 
                                                         Principal  /   Kenichi Oishi 
Thank you for visiting the Nara Prefectural Unebi High School homepage. 
Overlooking the scenic Yamato Sanzan in historic Unebi, this year we welcome our 126th anniversary since first being established in 1897 – the 29th year of the Meiji era – as a branch of the Nara prefectural normal junior school. With a campus noted for its idyllic study environment and cutting edge facilities, the main hall maintains a connection with the school’s history being officially registered as a national property of material culture.   
“Sincerity, Virtue, Perseverance, Pursuit”, our motto, remains at the core of the many talented individuals that have come through our school over the years, cementing our central role in the secondary education of Nara Prefecture. 
While carving out a history through the eras – from Meiji through the current Reiwa – we have not forgotten our progressive spirit, focusing on educating students to be creative and energetic citizens of the world. We were designated in 2014 for a five-year period as a “Super Global High School (SGH)” and more recently in 2018 for a three-year period as a “High School Education Reform Promotion School in Collaboration with the Community (Glocal type)”. We strive to teach students to become leaders of their communities with a “global” perspective. 
Based on these results, we have been newly designated as a "Research and Development School" by the Ministry of Education beginning in 2022 with the aim of improving the curriculum to promote the education of independent and creative leaders of the next generation. 
We, the school faculty and staff, do our utmost to ensure the highly motivated student body work together through class, club, event, and formalized association to realize our school tradition – symbolized by our motto – and push it forward to connect to the next generation. 
We appreciate your understanding and support.