Unebi High School was founded in 1896. The main building, which still stands today, was erected in 1933 and was designated as a “tangible cultural asset” by the national government in 2012. A ceremony celebrating the school’s 120th anniversary was held in 2016. It is one of the oldest high school in Nara Prefecture.

The Unebi High School campus consists of three main buildings, which are all equipped with modern facilities: the traditional Main Building, the Bunka-Sozo School Hall, and the Kinshi-Kaikan Alumni Association Hall. The Bunka-Sozo School Hall was built in 1996 to commemorate the school’s 100th anniversary. The Kinshi-Kaikan Alumni Association Hall serves as a common area, where students can socialize and make memories together. In addition, Unebi High School also has: a 50-meter swimming pool, a gymnasium, a library containing over 50,000 books, and a training room for kakugi (traditional Japanese martial arts), such as judo and kendo.



Unebi High School is highly ranked within Nara Prefecture in regards to its curriculum and programming. It was designated as one of Super Global High Schools (SGH) in 2016. In addition, Unebi also has a high graduation rate and has produced over 36,000 graduates, many of whom go on to be very successful in various careers and industries. Some of our most notable alumni include: Yoshifumi Nishikawa ( Former President of Japan Post, Former President of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation ), Sanae Takaichi ( Former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications), Kenzo Tsujimoto ( CEO of CAPCOM Co., LTD.), Motohide Yoshikawa( Former UN Ambassador), Takaaki Nishii ( President and CEO of Ajinomoto, Co., Inc.)   


School Motto and Emblem

The Unebi High School motto was created in 1906, on the 10th anniversary of the school’s founding.

The motto consists of four sets of phrases, each of which contains two kanji (Chinese characters):

  • 至誠  (Sincerity)
  • 至善  (Honesty)
  • 堅忍  (Perseverance)
  • 力行  (Effort)

When combined, the four sets of paired kanji read as follows:

至誠 至善 堅忍 力行

“shisei, shizen, kenning, ryokko”

“Those who are sincere and honest can attain any goal through effort and perseverance.”

Our school emblem is designed to reflect the figure of a Black Kite, a type of falcon common to Japan. Black Kites can frequently be seen flying around the oak trees located all around the “Yamato Sanzan” (The Three Mountains of Yamato), a very famous area in Nara Prefecture and a significant part of local life and lore. We chose the shape of the Black Kite because we feel that it best represents young people and their development. The Black Kite flies around the Yamato Sanzan admiring its beauty, just like how young people admire and honor the mountains. As young people grow older, they may leave the Yamato Sanzan area. However, whenever they return, they still make time to admire and honor the mountains which are so close to their heart and their identity as a citizen of Nara Prefecture, much in the same way that the Black Kite may fly to distant places, but it will still always return to its peaceful sanctuary within the Yamato Sanzan area. 


Educational Goals

Based on the educational foundation presented in the Constitution of Japan, the Fundamental Law of Education, and the School Education Act, our school aims to develop the qualities and skills of students needed to contribute to society. We promote ideas and activities which will help students to become well-rounded citizens who can: lead a moral and ethical democratic society, promote physical and mental wellbeing, and continue to create a rich and diverse culture within our nation.


During their time at Unebi High School, students are taught to:

  • Show respect to others and develop an open and progressive mindset
  • Put forth their best effort in order to achieve their individual performance goals and become a well-educated citizen
  • Be autonomous learners and problem-solvers, who can act and make decisions on their own and think for themselves 
  • Continually show curiosity and energy towards new ideas and concepts, so that they may create a better future
  • Pursue the truth in order to better form opinions and shape their value systems 
  • Develop a love and respect for the world around them 


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