Welcome to our school web site! We’d like to give you a brief information about our school.

Takatori Kokusai high school is located in Nara prefecture, which is the next prefecture over from Kyoto. Our school is in the countryside, and therefore is surrounded by rich nature. On your way to school from nearby Kintetsu Asuka station, you can take in beautiful scenery such as rice fields, bamboo forests and woods.

The Asuka district, where our school is located, used to be the Capital city of Japan from 538 to 710 A.D. Many important historical sites, like ancient Imperial mounds, old temples, and the ruins of ancient palaces, are still well-maintained here.

In our school, we have around 700 students across each of the three grades. In each grade we offer 3 courses; International English, International Communication, and General Education, and international understanding is a key theme in all of our courses.

We enjoy learning various kinds of classes. We usually stay in the same classrooms and teachers visit every class. We have two ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers), who are giving English conversation classes. The two ALTs enable students’ easy access to practicing English with native speakers of English. One of the classrooms is the CALL Room, where our students can practice listening to and speaking English on the computers. As well as English classes, we can also take part in other topics like home economics and science. We have specially designed rooms for such classes, so the students can get the most out of each lesson. The students usually have a total of 7 classes every day. Every student in our school is required to take part in PE, and some of them can practice martial arts like Kendo, and Aikido, which are popular here in Japan.


Students also have various special events throughout the academic year, such as school trips, sports day and cultural festivals. These events are very important in our school calendar.

You can see some photos of some of our school trips on the web site. We have been to Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Korea. (Because of the covid 19, students visit domestic areas these couple of years.)

On sports day, we take part in many different events, such as relay races, tug of war, skipping challenges and many more. We enjoy an interesting game called ‘tamaire’ where you try to throw as many balls into a basket as possible. The winner is the team who has the most after the final whistle has blown. The basket is held very high so it`s really difficult, but it`s fast paced and a lot of fun.         

At our cultural festival, we have various presentations and performances throughout the day. As part of the Cultural Festival, we make and sell food to our fellow students and teachers.


We have sister schools in the U.S. and France. Every year we welcome lots of students from abroad, and we have a chance to visit our sister schools every year in March.

Students also take part in club activities after school. They range from volleyball to baseball to martial arts.

Now you know a little more about what our daily life is like, we would like to leave you with some final thoughts about our school.

Our students are very polite. We are proud of our school so we like to keep it clean and beautiful. We enjoy taking part in many activities and finally, we like to engage with people from all around the world.

Thank you for checking our introduction of our school. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. (TEL: +81 744-52-4552)