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A Guide to our School: 

Here at Nara Senior High School, we provide our students with a broad selection of introductory, intermediate and advanced courses intended to build a well-rounded education that will best prepare them for both university entrance exams and the rigor of university life.  The student body covers three grades, each divided into ten to nine classes, with a total size of about 1,160 students.


School Philosophy:

Nara Senior High School is a school that is steeped in tradition. For over ninety years it has been a fixture in the community and has strived to provide the best education possible to the youth of Nara prefecture.  With an emphasis on autonomy and creativity, we dedicate ourselves towards valuing and promoting the individuality.


Independent Credit System:

Our class scheduling process is based on an independent credit system.  Our students begin their education at Nara Senior High School by fulfilling general requirements, which provide some elective freedom for specialization, but have a stronger emphasis on building a more balanced educational foundation. Beginning in their second year, however, the students are divided into either cultural courses or science/mathematics courses in order to allow them to further specialize and to best fit their interests.  From this point forward, approximately 90% of their subjects are elective based. The result of such a personalized educational approach can be seen by the fact that, within the third grade, there are over 200 different school timetables.  Our intention is not only to provide guidance throughout educational choices, but also to allow the students to design a curriculum that allows them to maximize their abilities and future potential.  


Super Science High School:

In the year 2017 our school was designated again as a Super Science High School (SSH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). SSH is a designation awarded by MEXT to upper secondary schools that prioritize science, technology, and mathematics. The program was launched as part of its "Science Literacy Enhancement Initiatives" in 2002. Having adopted the goals of the program, Nara Senior High School strives to produce “leaders of science in the future”.  In our curriculum, there are a lot of elective subjects in the fields of English, geography, history, mathematics, and science all aimed at deepening students’ interests in science.  In addition, our school established relations with universities and other academic institutions in order to encourage students' participation in lectures.

As a result, students were awarded the second place in the national convention of SSH in 2014,and the seventh place in Kagaku-no-Koshien the national conference of science in 2015.


School Life:

Most of our students have intentions of enrolling in university.  With this in mind, our students study eagerly to achieve their goals, concentrating on and cherishing each lesson.  Besides this, as extracurricular activities after school, our students vigorously perform club activities or run the student council.  Many club activities participate in the nation-wide or the Kinki-district meetings. Through such activities, we hope to provide our students with opportunities beyond the bounds of academic coursework to become well-rounded citizens.


School Events:



School Events


Entrance Ceremony  Welcome Ceremony

Club Meeting

Student Council Committee Meeting

Orientation for the 1st Graders


Field Trip  Election of the Student Council Staff


Ball Games (within school)


School Excursion


Open School


Cultural Festival


Athletic Meeting


Culture Appreciation Day

Guest Speaker’s Lecture for Anniversary of the School's Founding




Karuta Competition


Farewell Ceremony for the 3rd Graders

SSH Presentation Rally


Graduation Ceremony


Club Activities:

Cultural Clubs:

Fine Arts  Literature  Calligraphy  Tea Ceremony  Flower Arrangement  Cooking  Traditional Japanese Music  Brass Band  Chorus  Physics  Chemistry  Biology  Earth Science  Photography  Guitar and Mandolin  ESS  Light Music  Mathematics  Robot  Ogura-hyakuninn-ishu Karuta   Human Rights  Newspaper  Broadcasting  The game of Go Shogi


Sports Clubs:

Track & Field  Kendo  Table Tennis  Swimming  Handball  Volleyball  Badminton  Archery  Basketball  Soccer  Mountain Climbing & Skiing  Judo  Soft Tennis  Tennis  Soccer  Baseball  Japanese Archery  Dance 


Future Course:

In the year 2017, as usual, many students passed the entrance examinations of their chosen universities.  The results are as follows. (The universities that have more than ten successful applicants are shown in the table.)


National and public universities

Private universities

 Kyoto Kosen 7 (2)

Waseda University 3 (1)

Tokyo University (1)

Keio University 4 (3)

Kyoto University 37 (25)

Doshisha University 153 (75)

Osaka University 59 (45)

Doshisha Women's College 30 (29)

Osaka Municipal University 45 (32)

Ritsumeikan University 132 (65)

Osaka Prefectural University 42(25)

Kyoto Women's University 34 (28)

Osaka Educational University 11 (11)

Kyoto College of Pharmacy 10 (7)

Nara Women's University 9 (8)

Kansai University 82 (53)

Nara Medical University 4 (3)

Kinki University 55 (35)

Kobe University 33 (18)

Kwansei Gakuin University 48 (34)

In parentheses are the numbers of successful applicants entering directly upon graduation.

April, 2018



Here at Nara Senior High School, we provide a wide range of facilities that enable our students to achieve whatever goal they wish to achieve. Beyond our main school building, we also have the Seminar House, or “Hohsoge,” in which we are able to house many of our after school activities, including both club activities and student council.  In addition to this, there is the “Palafora,” a sports complex containing showers and a training room, and the “Gaku-shoku,” a school cafeteria that offers the students an extensive menu. These are just some of the exterior buildings that help support our goals as a comprehensive senior high school.



Nara Senior High School

Address: 836 Hohren-cho Nara-shi, Nara 630-8113, Japan

Phone: 0742-23-2855

Fax: 0742-23-4395



Concert in the courtyard    

Cherry tree and school building   

Bridge and the autumn sky

Tug-of-war at the athletic meeting

 Playground in winter

School excursion   

Farewell ceremony for the 3rd graders (the play performed by teachers)


Cultural Festival (SEITANSAI)